Digital Behavior Change, Berlin Declaration | Digital Inclusion

  1. Validity and respect of fundamental rights and democratic values in the digital sphere;
  2. Social participation and digital inclusion to shape the digital world;
  3. Empowerment and digital literacy, allowing all citizens to participate in the digital sphere;
  4. Trust and security in digital government interactions, allowing everyone to navigate the digital world safely, authenticate and be digitally recognised within the EU conveniently;
  5. Digital sovereignty and interoperability, as a key in ensuring the ability of citizens and public administrations to make decisions and act self-determined in the digital world;
  6. Human-centered systems and innovative technologies in the public sector, strengthening its pioneering role in the research on secure and trustworthy technology design;
  7. A resilient and sustainable digital society
  • Access and Affordability
  • Public Access
  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities
  • Adoption and Digital Literacy
  • Consumer Education and Protection
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Healthcare
Adam Fivenson, Lead Designer of the LEAN HCD, Somos Chiantla in La Paz, Honduras. Photo credit: DAI
Mayor Alvorado presenting “Somos Chiantla” Mobile App.
Mayor Alvarado disclosing municipal budget through mobile app to the town of Chiantla.



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Gabriela Corbera

Gabriela Corbera


Innovation enthusiast with a heart for cities, sociology, culture, policy, environment, and systems change.