Digital Behavior Change, Series — Wearables

  1. Tobacco Use
  2. Unhealthy Diet
  3. Lack of Physical Activity
  4. Harmful Use of Alcohol
  1. Alter Context (Chewing Gum over a Cigarette, Images of Non Alcoholic Beverages over Alcoholic Beverages)
  2. Instinctive Primes
  3. Goal Priming (DuoLingo)
  4. Alter Cue Salience
  5. Train, Context, Response
  6. Implementation Intentions
  7. Provide Information (E-Post Its)
  8. Just In Time Reminders (Google Calendar, iCal)
  9. Self-Control (CALM App, Calorie Intake Apps)
  10. Self-Monitoring (FitBit, Apple Watch; Activity Circles, Steps App Pedometer)
  11. Revalue Outcome (UpRight GO)



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Gabriela Corbera

Gabriela Corbera


Innovation enthusiast with a heart for cities, sociology, culture, policy, environment, and systems change.