Re-Inventing the City Conference:
Scaling Circular Regions and Circular Economies

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA)
  • Can other circular cities affect the behavior or incentives to transform in linear cities?
  • How might the metropolitan network group of a municipality impact its climate action goals and climate planning?
  • Has 100 Resilient Cities and C40 been claimed as useful models to maximize climate action and resilience in municipal networks?
  • Collect Data
  • Benchmark and Track Progress
  • Drive new public policy
  • Create new circular solutions
  1. construction & demolition waste
  2. bio waste
  3. post-consumer plastic waste
  4. electrical waste and electronic equipment
  5. municipal solid waste



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Gabriela Corbera

Gabriela Corbera


Innovation enthusiast with a heart for cities, sociology, culture, policy, environment, and systems change.